Is this getting in the way of your tarot readings?

Do you ever feel like you look down at certain tarot cards and feel stuck for new things to say about them?

It used to happen me to all the time. I’d spent so much time carefully memorizing card meanings and keywords that it started to get in the way of my growth as a tarot reader.


When it came time to sit down and do a reading, I realized I was blocked from coming up with my own interpretations because my head was so full of other people’s tarot meanings.

On one hand, I had to give myself credit: I’d set out to learn the card meanings, and I’d succeeded. But I didn’t realize that it would end up getting in the way of putting tarot into my own words.

I also didn’t realize that card meanings are just jumping off points with the cards. There are so many layers and aspects to tarot that meanings alone can’t fully capture.

Yet there’s so much emphasis on learning those meanings, as though they are a means to an end.

In reality, they are just the beginning – a stepping stone that becomes part of the broader foundation of learning tarot.

I know there are other tarot readers out there who can relate to this, because I’ve heard this same story from them over the years:

“I feel like the meanings override my own intuition, impressions, and creativity,” one of my students shared with me a couple of years ago.

Maybe you feel like you’re in that boat right now.

When we get stuck seeing the cards in the same ways, using the same answers or interpretations with them repeatedly, I call this being stuck in a thought loop: Your mind circles around the same territory.

Card meanings or keywords become well-worn grooves. Your tarot readings feel like they work from muscle memory rather than organic, spontaneous insight.

It can feel like you’re stuck here because it does feel like your readings are caught on repeat. You might start to wonder, “How do other people come up with such beautiful, succinct, relevant things to say about tarot?”

If this sounds like you, you’re not as stuck as it might seem. It just means you’re ready to grow beyond the tarot basics.

You’ve laid the groundwork. You’ve carefully studied the meanings of the cards. And now you’re recognizing that you’re ready for more.

What might that look like?

  • Giving readings that flow from start to finish;
  • Feeling confident answering a wide range of questions;
  • Being able to help other people with your tarot readings;
  • Understanding the mechanics of different tarot techniques so that you can stop doubting your readings and start doing more with tarot.

If you’re ready to grow your tarot skills, I'd love to see you in my free masterclass for intermediate tarot readers. 

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