My favourite questions for New Year’s readings

tarot readings tarot tips Dec 20, 2021

I can’t believe how fast the year has gone.

Where did the month go?

Where did 2021 go?

Time is always in motion.

And even though 2022 feels like it’s sneaking up on me quite quickly this year, I’ve actually been thinking ahead to the New Year for some time now.

I think a lot of us need a reset right about now. Personally, I always look forward to the New Year as a time for fresh intentions. Even though it’s just a change in date, it still feels like the beginning of a new chapter. Or a blank page in a fresh notebook.

These are some of the reasons why December and January are such popular times of year for tarot readings. We get curious about what’s around the corner, and how we can make the most of the year to come.

Here are some of my favourite tarot questions for this time of year. Let me know if you think you might give any of these (or all of them) a try:

  • What aspect of myself will I get to celebrate this year?
  • In what ways can I grow this year?
  • What wants to take priority in my life this year?
  • What can I leave behind now?
  • What dream of mine can shine this year?
  • How can I best use my time this year?

And if you’re looking for more ways to tap into the energy of the New Year – or support your tarot clients get ready for 2022 – my Zodiac Tarot Workshop is back.

This self-study workshop teaches you how to give effective, intentional readings using the Zodiac Tarot Spread. Learn how to set goals, manifest intentions, and map out effective plans and paths for the year ahead.

Register here.

Happy Solstice, and happy holidays.

Liz xo


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