My Favourite Way To Predict The Future

Whenever there’s change in the air, such as talk of important astrological transits, it’s normal to wonder: “How will this affect me?”

We often turn to tarot, astrology and other divinations to predict what’s around the corner. It’s not unusual to worry about whether you are making the wrong decision, or to worry about where your future is headed.

I find that whether you’re clear on your own direction, or you’re still trying to figure out your life’s path, uncertainty will always be a companion to some degree.

One of the main reasons why we turn to divinatory tools like tarot and astrology is because we want certainty, clarity and confidence in what we are doing.

Knowing how things will turn out can help alleviate some of the stress of the unknown.

After all, wouldn’t you go ahead and head back to school, start that business, or write that book if you knew for sure that you would be successful?

It would also be so much easier to put off any major decisions or big efforts if a reading could accurately predict that, in a year from now, you would come into a massive amount of money and never have to worry about a thing again.

When I give readings for people, I sometimes meet clients who have these expectations. They want to know what the future holds because they are either:

  1. Unsure of their overall direction in life; or
  2. Unsure of whether they can accomplish what they’re setting out to do.

But here’s a little secret: The best way to predict your future is not by doing a tarot reading or looking at astrological transits.

What? Yup, it’s true.

In my experience, the best indicator of where you’re headed is by looking at what you’re doing right now.

There’s a saying that character is destiny, and I believe that. I also take it a step further by adding that actions are destiny.

What you put your energy into on a day to day basis is what your life will be built from.

If you spend time with friends who create drama after drama, then chances are you’ll have a lot of drama in your life six months from now – unless you choose to hang out with a different crowd.

If you spend time writing that book you really want to publish, chances are you’ll have a complete manuscript in due time.

If you keep going to that same job you hate, and never send your resume out for new positions, then…guess what I’m going say? Yup, you got it: Chances are you’ll still be in that same gig a year from now.

If you have a specific goal in mind – something you’re aiming to make real – then ask yourself:

Am I putting the time in that is required to achieve this?

Am I take the appropriate actions to get to where I want to be?

Do I have the skills or resources to make this happen, and if not, am I working on acquiring those things?

Consistent efforts and daily actions are what make visions a reality. But it helps if you’re clear on what your goals or intentions are – then you have something to aim for in the future.

So what do you if you’re not sure what to do with yourself right now?

Well, the above advice still applies, but first you need to root yourself into a desire. What is that you want for yourself?

It’s also okay if you’re not looking for anything to happen at all. Satisfaction is not the enemy here. If you’re happy with how things are, or you’re waiting for inspiration to strike when it comes to setting your sights on a new direction, then predictions may not be what you need at all.

Just come back to the present. Look at what you’re doing day to day and ask yourself, “Am I happy with this? Is this giving me what I want? Is it helping me to maintain a life I enjoy?”

Predictions of the future are just that: predictions. But your life needs you to be a willing participant if it’s to unfold in a certain way.

If you want to feel more confident in the shape of your future, get clear about what it is you need to do right now in order to make that vision a reality. This will help to quell fears of the unknown and give you the opportunity to see what’s ahead – because you’re the one crafting that future.

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