4 Magical Ways to Prep for a New Year

As we get closer to the end of the calendar year, I am conscious of what I’m taking on, wrapping up, or casting away.

Time will pass either way. Calendars change, seasons move on, birthdays come and go. Yes, the marking of time can feel arbitrary in some ways.

Yet it’s hard to deny that there isn’t some kind of energetic shift that takes place when a new year begins.

We make resolutions, and set intentions. We think of what might be possible, and how life might be different.

A change in time feels like a line being drawn in the sand between the past and the future. It’s an opportunity to leave things in the distance, and to move towards new experiences.

As the year winds down, I start to clear things out: Old papers get shredded, books and clothes get put into a donation pile.

And I also become even more conscious of what I’m saying yes and no to. I like things to be finished and closed off at the end of the year so that I have a clear head, and a clear schedule, to focus on what I want to invite into my life in the year to come.

Clearing your physical and mental spaces changes the energy you’re moving through. When you make room, it allows for new concepts, ideas and possibilities to enter into your space.

Here are four things I do at the end of each year to shift energy from old to new:

1. I reset my passwords. Not only that, but I turn them into affirmations around specific goals. For example, if you want to publish a book next year, you might choose a password like “PublishedAuthor2021.”

Each time you type in your passwords, you are reconnecting with your intentions.

2. I delete old digital files and email folders. We accumulate so much digital clutter. Deleting old email folders, documents and correspondence can make your digital workspace so much cleaner. It also sends a message out to the universe to show what you’re finished with.

As you delete your files, envision new projects, classes, or other work you would like to have files and folders for in a year’s time.

3. I put completion at the top of my priority list. Try to say no to anything new, whenever possible, so that you can focus on closing the year first. Begin new projects and plans in the new year instead, so that you have a fresh, clear start.

It’s not always easy to manage this, because you might not always have the option to say no. Focus on what you can control. 

4. I clear my physical spaces. It’s a great time to clear and clean any altars or other spiritual spaces you have at home. Clear out old clothes from your closet, get rid of any paperwork you no longer need. Go through old notebooks to see if they’re ready to be tossed.

Remember: If you want to invite something new into your life, then you have to make room for it. Start with clearing your mental and physical spaces.

Until next time,

Liz xo


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