One of my best pieces of advice for tarot readers

One of my best pieces of advice for tarot readers who want to read cards for other people is this:

Listen to your querents.

Like, really listen.

Listen to what is they want to know.

Listen to what they’re worried about.

Listen to what they have to teach you.

As tarot readers, we aim to step into the role of teacher, guide, or mentor. We want to be the ones leading querents to clarity and insight.

But our querents are our teachers, too.

No matter our experience level with tarot, people bring all kinds of questions to tarot readings – questions that you might have never imagined you’d have to answer.

And you can soon realize that as much as people are similar, we are also all on different paths. Eventually, you will have querents whose life experiences are vastly different from your own.

These moments can be challenging, and exciting, for us as tarot readers. They are challenging because they push us to stretch our own language and interpretations of our tarot decks. You are pushed to fit your cards into new contexts time and time again.

But it’s also exciting, because once you’ve stretched to meet this greater capacity, there’s no turning back. You are forever changed for having met your querents exactly where they’re at, and done your best to support them in that moment.

This is when it’s time to leave the ego at the door and embrace the duality of being both teacher and student simultaneously.

It also means recognizing what people really want and need from a tarot reading.

Many people seek out readings because they want validation, affirmation, or a listening ear.

People from all walks of life put trust and faith in tarot readers to guide them through major decisions, life-changing events and painful transitions.

They also turn to readers for guidance about smaller, everyday concerns that are keeping them blocked and stuck.

And when we tune into our querent’s hopes, dreams, fears and more, we become better readers over and over again.

Listening is the key that unlocks the journey.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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