Tarot Tip for Beginners: Daytime vs Nighttime Cards

beginner tarot tarot tips Oct 27, 2020

🌞 Daytime vs Nighttime Cards in Your Tarot Deck 🌝

There is more to reading tarot than memorizing card meanings.

One thing I always stress in my tarot students is to look at the images of the cards.

Every tarot card can hold many layers of meaning, based on the scene it depicts.

A simple way to start studying your cards' imagery is to look at your daytime and nighttime cards.

This can add a layer of meaning to your messages:

🌙 Day time cards, like the Sun, might indicate visibility or something that is “plain as day” or “coming to light,”

🌙 Nighttime cards may be telling you that something is not yet clear or visible - we can’t see very well in the dark.

If the deck you are using doesn't have these details, you might consider switching to a deck like the Rider Waite Smith, which is what I recommend for beginner tarot readers. 

Tip: Go through your tarot deck and separate your daytime cards from your nighttime cards. Spend some time studying each of them to see which ones are in the dark, and which ones are clear as day. 

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