That time I blew it as a tarot reader

Years ago, before I was reading tarot professionally, I used to do a lot of tarot parties for friends to get practice.

I was at a café one night where a friend was having a trunk sale for a jewelry line she was selling. The room was full of my pal’s friends and family, and I didn’t know many people there.

A woman sat down for a reading with me. I laid down my cards. I saw something in them that was so specific: A story about a family inheritance.

Except that’s not what I told her.

Because what I thought I was seeing did not match the meanings of the cards that were in front of me.

I wasn’t experienced enough yet to know how to trust myself as a tarot reader.

So I played it safe.

I gave a by-the-book reading – literally – rather than talking about what I’d initially seen.

And it wasn’t exactly wrong. But it wasn’t exactly right, either.

It was generic, safe, and middle-of-the-road enough for this woman to find something relatable in what I was saying.

But it wasn’t specific to what she was going through.

Which was – wait for it – an intense family drama about what to do with her late father’s estate.

I learned a major lesson that night:

I needed to start listening to myself as a tarot reader.

This is a big learning curve that every tarot reader eventually faces.

And it’s an important one to sit with, especially if you want to read for others one day.

When someone gets a tarot reading, they are hoping to hear something that resonates with them, and that they can relate to.

And being able to provide those answers means knowing how to use your voice, put your readings in your own words, and even take risks in your readings. Even when that means deviating from a standard card meaning and tapping into an intuitive hit.

I know it’s not always easy to take that leap.

It takes time and practice. And it helps if you’re willing to make mistakes along the way.

That’s why I’m offering a tarot development circle this season for all of my Tarot Foundations students. I know the value of having the opportunity to fall forward with your tarot skills.

Having a safe, supportive space to ask questions, go out on a limb with an interpretation, and get some extra practice can lead to major growth as a tarot reader.

If you’re ready to learn tarot and you want the benefit of 12 weeks of additional support along the way, it’s a great time to join Tarot Foundations.

Our first integration session is on Tuesday, September 27.

Spaces are limited. Secure your spot here.



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