Things that made me a better tarot reader (and a better person)

A lot of people talk about tarot through the filter of it being a "gift." Which implies there is some kind of raw, natural talent or ability inherent within a tarot reader from birth.

While raw talent is real, I see the same way I do music, writing, art, carpentry... any kind of skill, really.

Which is that it is a skill, and even raw talent benefits from some practice, polish, and knowledge of the canon in which it resides.

When I reflect of my own path as a tarot reader, I also have to acknowledge that a lot of what it took for me to get this far with it happened through a willingness to work on myself.

People skills are a big part of tarot reading.

I've met a lot of people in this world who claim psychic ability and strong intuition, but when you sit down to talk to them they have terrible listening skills, or say things that rub the wrong way.

Being honest with yourself, keeping your ego in check, and reflecting on beliefs or behaviours that aren't serving you - or others - are important aspects of self-growth.

In turn, they also become integral to any type of divinatory or spiritual practice, especially if the aim is to be a consultant for others.

Here are a few ways I've grown over the years that now support my work as a tarot reader:

I accepted that I don't have all the answers - and I don't have to.

No one knows everything. But sometimes, we put unnecessary pressure on ourselves to say the right thing every time.

When I did this, more often than not, I ended up saying things without thinking them through all the way. Instead of being authentic and honouring my own knowledge base and points of reference, I forced answers and ideas that weren't always informed, or appropriate.

You can't know everything there is to know about life.

Sometimes tarot readers feel they have to, though.

When I started checking myself on why I felt this way, I realized I was making a lot of assumptions about what others expected of me.

When you let go of the pressure to be everything to everyone, and to always know the right thing to say at the right time, you leave more room for more honest authentic connections - and avoid giving unsolicited or uninformed advice.

I also started to realize that choices that are totally right for me might be totally wrong for someone else.

People have to live their own lives. And we all do so through different comfort zones, boundaries, needs, and values. 

I might want to see my friends, peers, or clients strive for certain things because those things look good to me.

But I'm not living their lives.

Instead of coaching or coaxing people into doing something they didn't really want, get curious about what excites them.

So much space opens up when you get curious about other people's desires, values and priorities.

Learning to stop and listen to what other people actually want out of their lives is so much more helpful than trying to tell everyone what you think is best for them.

Humility, self-awareness, and curiosity go so far in our personal and professional lives.

None of us is tasked with being the one who has to know it all.

None of us have to be "on" all the time.

When you let go of the assumption that others are expecting you to be perfectly all-seeing and all-knowing 24/7, you start to experience more ease in connecting to those around you.

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