What Do You Do When You Lose a Tarot Card?

tarot decks tarot tips Nov 22, 2021

What do you when you lose a tarot card from a favourite deck?

I personally haven’t lost a card (yet).

But I also take steps to prevent cards from straying when I’m out doing readings at parties, events, or shops:

  • I’m the only one who shuffles my deck. I used to let clients shuffle, but stopped after seeing some querents handle my cards too roughly.

  • At the end of an event, I close my day by counting my cards before I put them back in their pouch. That way I know I’m leaving with a full deck.

  • I’m careful about outdoor events. I used to read tarot in a park in the summer, for anyone was passing by. It was fun, but the wind can carry a card away very Bringing some stones or other small objects as paper weights helps keep your cards in place.

But if something happens and a card gets lost?

Here are some options:

First, make sure the card is truly lost. I am a clumsy shuffler and have had cards end up under the couch, slide under my laptop, or flip well across the floor. So I would make 100% sure the card was truly gone before assuming the worst.

If it is gone, then here are some different approaches to consider:

♥️ You could simply accept the loss and consider retiring the deck altogether. Thank it for its service and move to a new tarot pack.

♥️ Some deck makers offer replacement cards, and sometimes you can find single cards for sale on sites like eBay. It may be a bit of a scavenger hunt, but this could help salvage the deck.

♥️ If you do retire it, consider making the deck into an art project or something so that it can have a new life. Or give away the rest of the cards slowly, as very special gifts. (This may be hard to do if it has been a trusted companion - again, these are just suggestions.)

I personally wouldn’t use an incomplete deck, so I wouldn’t recommend continuing to read with it if it’s missing a card. (That would be like trying to do a puzzle without all the pieces.)

Hope this helps.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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