What does it take to read tarot professionally?

Not everyone wants to read tarot at a professional level.

It’s more than okay for tarot to be a hobby, an interest, and a personal outlet.

But it’s also okay to want to read tarot for other people, and even build a business out of it.

One of the reasons why I talk so much about reading tarot for others is because I meet so many people with a deep desire to do just that.

There is something about tarot that attracts compassionate helpers. We see the potential that tarot has when it comes to bringing clarity to a problem, opening up new perspectives, and holding space for meaningful conversation.

A lot of us want to use tarot to do something good in the world.

But there are differences between reading tarot personally versus professionally. Pulling out tarot cards for fun with friends comes with different expectations than reading for a paying client.

Those expectations don’t just happen on the client’s side. You, as a tarot reader, have to put new expectations upon yourself to rise to the occasion as a professional.

And that’s where a lot of aspiring readers get stuck on the road from hobbyist to pro: Because they have spent so much time developing their skills as tarot readers that they sometimes neglect other key characteristics that a professional reader needs to succeed.

So what does it take to read tarot professionally?

Time-management skills: Time management is really important in appointment-based work.

As readers, we need to be reliable and be able to stick to our commitments. If you are always running behind, clients will not be motivated to show up on time for their appointments. Similarly, if we are always going over time in our readings, some clients might come to expect getting more for less.

Others might resent their time being held up if you’re running behind and they have somewhere else to be.

Work on your inner people-pleaser. This can be a tough one. As a recovering people-pleaser, I know how confusing things can get when you want to make everyone happy. Customer service skills are just as important in tarot as any other business. But knowing where to draw the line matters, too.

If you have trouble saying no or asserting your boundaries, you’ll want to reflect on how to keep those in check. Like any other business, you will encounter clients who want things you just can’t deliver on. Or who will disregard your policies and bring drama into your work.

Saying yes to everyone is one of the quickest paths to burn out.

Reflect on your feelings about money. If you run your own business, you will learn a lot about your relationship to money.

You will learn a lot about other people’s views on money, too.

It’s really hard to succeed professionally if you’re not ready to value your own time, work, or knowledge.

It doesn’t matter if you want to read tarot full-time or part-time: The hours you put in are precious and your skills are worthy of respect.

These are traits that can support you in many areas of life, whether you decide to read tarot professionally or not.

Until next time,

Liz xo

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