Competing energies between the Cups and Swords

All year I’ve felt like I’m competing between two identities:

There is the part of me that reads and teaches tarot, and the part of me that is an artist.

I used to feel like these two things co-existed to a certain extent, though of course they are distinct and pull from different parts of me.

The part of me that is an artist needs long stretches of time to write. This means being offline and undisturbed. It means being free to be with my own thoughts and feelings. And it requires a certain level of privacy, as writing takes time to develop and is often only revealed when it’s ready for an audience.

The tarot part of me is present, visible and social. It requires that I’m available, responsive, and openly sharing.

These two things sound like an ideal balance on paper. One allows for quiet and solitude, and the other allows for service and community. And both can trade places, with tarot being a gentle ritual and writing eventually being for public...

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