Do you need to connect to another person’s energy to read tarot for them?

When I meet someone new and they learn I’m a tarot reader, they usually get curious – but also sometimes nervous.

“When you read for someone, do you connect to their energy somehow?” They ask.

I immediately get a vision of myself as a multi-tentacled being reaching into my clients’ auric fields to tap into their current states.

Which I imagine is what some people assume happens in a tarot reading.

While that might be kind of cool, in reality I’m not a supernatural being (much to my chagrin), and I’m not tapping into anyone else’s personal, psychic spaces during a reading.

But things do get personal. It can be an uncanny experience to receive a tarot reading that seems to cut through to the heart of your very soul.

And questions about energy between reader and querent go both ways. I’ve often had students in my classes ask, “How do I make sure I’m not absorbing someone else’s energy when I read tarot for them?”

Reading tarot is real work. While it can be exciting, it can also be taxing. Having deeply personal conversations, holding space for other people’s hopes and dreams, and offering grounded advice takes a lot of energy.

Which is why it’s so important to have clear boundaries and expectations when you are reading for others – and being mindful that it’s not about you or a querent vampirizing off of each other’s energy fields, but instead being willing to share space with each other with respect and compassion.

Reading tarot, after all, is a human experience. It is person to person, despite preconceived notions that might lead people to believe otherwise.

When you are giving a reading, you don’t need to “connect” to someone else’s energy as though you’re hooking into them – all you need to is a listening ear and a willingness to communicate. Just like any other conversation, there is not special ritual you need to enter into to begin reading tarot.

But I do have a routine whenever I read for someone new:

I always ask them if they have had a tarot reading before.

If they say no, I give them a quick rundown of how tarot works for me:

  1. a) I read the cards, and nothing else. I don’t read auras, minds, or “pick up” on their thoughts;
  2. b) If you have a specific question, I want to know what it is – don’t expect me to guess. The question will dictate the context of the reading;
  3. c) If you don’t have a specific question, that’s okay. We can do an open reading, but if you are hoping to get a message about a certain area of your life, it’s best to tell me first so I can look for it in the cards.

Depending on the question, I might also explain that tarot is dramatic. We see images of death, devils, swords, pain, and sadness.

If someone wants to know how their vacation will go and they pull the Death card, I don’t want them to think that it means they will die on their trip.

I’m always careful about setting expectations because I don’t always know what kind of superstitions or misconceptions someone is bringing to a tarot reading.

I also make sure to set these expectations so that people aren’t assuming I am getting into their most personal, private psychic spaces – such as reading their minds or somehow “seeing” into their souls.

And I believe that as a tarot reader, it’s my responsibility to make tarot feel safe and approachable, not scary or intrusive.

Every tarot reader is in charge of their readings. Clients and sitters trust you to lead the way.

It’s up to you to put up the appropriate boundaries – verbal and energetic – that keep your session clear and grounded, and not leaking into a sitter’s personal energy.

When you know your tarot deck inside and out, and are seasoned enough to answer a range of questions, you realize you don’t need to “connect” to someone else’s energy – the cards do the talking, and you do the translating.

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