I took a survey of tarot readers. What I learned surprised me.

Earlier this year, I was doing some research within the tarot community.

I surveyed tarot readers at all skill levels to find out why they love tarot, and what they most often use it for.

You know what surprised me the most?

Seeing the huge disconnect between what tarot readers use tarot for, versus what tarot clients want and expect in a reading.

What do I mean by that?

I’ve read tarot for over 3,000 people and counting. And you know what the majority of those people have had in common?

They wanted help making decisions.

But when I asked tarot readers what they use tarot for, less than 5% of respondents said they use tarot for decision-making.

So here’s a tip: Tarot clients don’t necessarily think like tarot readers.

I know that not everyone wants to read tarot for other people, and that’s totally fine.

But if you do want to read tarot for others, I strongly recommend developing tarot skills that will help you serve your querents and clients best.

All of what I teach as a tarot reader comes from my experience reading for other people.

Reading tarot for others will surprise you and challenge you. It pushes you to see tarot in ways you won’t encounter just by looking up card meanings.

It means being able to handle expectations about predictions and forecasts, knowing how to answer yes or no questions, and more.

And if you’re ready to learn how to be the kind of tarot reader who wants to be of service to others, no matter what kinds of questions they have, Taking Tarot to the Next Level is for you.

Hope to see you there.

Liz xo


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