Tips To Push Your Tarot Skills

People talk about tools like tarot and other esoteric practices as though they are shortcuts or hacks that will accelerate their paths to success.

Which is why I always feel so boring in that broken-record-kind-of-way when I say that learning tarot doesn’t come with any shortcuts.

To get good at tarot, it takes practice, commitment, and consistency.

Like anything else, if you keep showing up for it, put in the time, and push yourself to improve, things will change.

Which is what happened to one of my students last year, Nat. In early 2020, she sent me an email worried that her progress was slow: “I don’t think I’m very good at this.”

I told her to keep practicing, keep going.

I know that’s the key, because when I was in Nat’s position, I hit walls, too. And I have had to embrace the same learning curves in tarot as everyone else.

So I know how much can change with practice and consistent effort.

And now, a little over a year later, Nat is doing readings for her friends and family. She’s tackling bigger tarot spreads, more challenging questions, and coming up with on-point interpretations.

How did she do it? Nat got out of her comfort zone. She took on bigger spreads even when they felt intimidating. She didn’t wait to be perfect before she started practicing readings on her friends.

And she took initiative to move herself forward when she didn’t feel any natural momentum in her tarot practice.

Amazing, right? If your readings are feeling flat, uninspired, or disconnected, here are some things to try:

  • Tackle a question or topic that you feel intimidated to read on, just for practice. Push yourself to interpret at least one clear answer;
  • Try a new tarot spread, preferably one that focuses on a topic or theme you don’t normally read on;
  • Do a reading with a friend or family member just for fun – especially if you’ve never read for them before. There is way less pressure when you’re reading for fun, and new querents bring new questions and perspectives.

And if you’re intimidated by love or career readings, or need to push yourself to a new level there,  my Tarot Masterclass will help take the overwhelm out of love and career readings. These sound like general topics, but they can get complicated – and the pressure they come with can be intimidating.

Until next time,

Liz xo


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