What does it mean if you can’t see the future in your tarot cards?

Last week I wrote about a few pros and cons regarding predictive readings.

Whenever I talk about predictions, I get a lot of questions. It’s ironic that the mainstream of perception of tarot is that it is purely predictive, when in reality the tarot community is so diverse and diversified in how it views tarot.

And predictive readings are one example of that: Some readers love predictions, some will at least entertain them, and others stay away from them altogether.

I say this off the top in case anyone reading this isn’t resonating with predictive readings, or isn’t sure they want to go down this path.

But the aim of this week’s missive is to answer a great question that came my way, which is, “What does it mean if you can’t see the future in your tarot cards?”

What does it mean if someone asks you, “What do you see coming up for me?” and you lay down your cards and…you’re just not sure what to make of them at all?

Sometimes drawing a blank in a reading can be a question of skill-level: If you are a newer reader who is still learning your way with tarot, drawing a blank can just mean you’re not sure how to build an interpretation out of the cards at hand yet.

But if you feel like you have a pretty good grasp of tarot and you’re not sure what you’re seeing in a predictive reading, it might mean that there isn’t much on the horizon for the querent.

Think about it: How many big, dramatic moments or major changes do you go through in a matter of months?

Just because someone is asking to see “what’s in store” doesn’t mean that there will automatically be some kind of big reveal in their reading.

There might not be any massive change around the corner. There might not be a lot of growth.

Sometimes, life is just status quo.

Yes, there are some people who are always working towards a new level or new experience. But there are just as many people who stay steady as a rock.

Those people remind me of some of my friends who (smartly) bought homes when we were just out of college and have stayed in those places ever since. They work the same jobs, have the same partners, and the same hobbies.

Year after year, their lives are generally the same, outside of minor blips and hassles.

Not everyone has something big in store for them year after year, and that’s OK. And that might be part of the answer you’re getting when a predictive reading feels flat.

If things do come up status quo and the querent wants more than that, then that becomes an opportunity to shift the question you’re working with.

That’s when readers can invite querents to reflect on why they are curious about their future: Are they bored and hoping for something new? If so, how they can shift the energy in their lives?

Or, maybe they’re content with where they’re at, but worry that an unforeseen issue could derail their stability. In that case, we can explore ways to solidify their path and strengthen their foundation.

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