Watching for signs? Tips on working with omens

omens spiritual journey Aug 23, 2016

Do you ever ask for signs?

I sure do.

One of the most powerful omens came to me just last year.

I was doing some work with spirit guides, through a course I had purchased with a shamanic healer. A lot of the work involved meditation, and one of the first assignments was to ask your guides to confirm their presence.

After that morning’s meditation, I did my homework and put my question out there, not knowing what might come about.

Later that day, I decided to go for a walk. It was early spring, and the weather was just starting to get good after a long, hard winter.

I had no destination in mind. I ended up walking east, away from my downtown apartment towards an old residential neighbourhood. There, the streets are quiet, and some of the roads end with a great view overlooking the city.

I turned one corner after the other, simply enjoying the sun on my face. As I crossed the street, something flat and shiny caught my eye. At first, I thought it was a quarter. As I...

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