What if your tarot reading is completely wrong?

Ever tried to predict something in a tarot reading and wondered when it will come to pass?

Or maybe you’ve read tarot for someone else and they really wanted to know the timing of something.

Has that happened to you before?

Does the thought of not knowing make you nervous?

Do you avoid predictive readings so that you don’t have to give a direct answer?

I used worry about these things, too.

And I was often confused about them, because so many people use tarot for predictive purposes, and yet it’s common to be discouraged from using tarot for predictions at all.

“Tarot can’t do this, and it can’t do that.”

But is that true?

I don’t believe it is.

In fact, the very first tarot reading I ever had was a predictive reading – and the messages I was given that day were still coming true 10 years later.

Wild, right? 

Of course, this isn’t to say that a tarot reading is a promise or contract: It can be a glimpse at the potential of what’s to come, or what may unfold if you go down a certain path.

But there can be unknown variables that change the course and affect how, when, or if something happens – and those variables might be not be clear or present in a tarot reading.

But does that mean questions about timing and predictions have to be taken off the table altogether?

I don’t think so. In fact, I’ve had a lot of success with timing-related questions in tarot.

It just takes some practice to understand how to interpret those messages, and deliver a predictive reading appropriately. We’re not talking about making sweeping declarations or pulling answers out of thin air, here.

There are practical ways to offer predictions that can be empowering, helpful, and insightful – without feeling like you’re making promises you can’t keep.

Same goes for other things we worry about in tarot readings: Like giving advice or suggestions (“What if I tell someone what to do and it ruins their life?”)

If you’re ready to learn more about timing, decision-making, and predictions, I would love for to join me in Taking Tarot to the Next Level.

The goal of this program is to help you learn how to learn how to give clearer advice, action-steps, and insights with your cards – without relying on generic card meanings or “safe” answers.

Wondering what it will do for you? Here’s a taste of what one past student has experienced:

Since doing the course, both my tarot readings have stepped up to a whole new level.  My confidence has soared and my feedback from others has gone from good reviews to outstanding ones.” - Rachel

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Hope to see you there.

Liz xo


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