Yes, it’s OK if it's taking time to learn tarot (or anything else, for that matter)

This year I want to roll out a ton of new tarot workshops, while also rebuilding my platform as an author. I have so many ideas I want to share outside of tarot, but I don’t want to let go of either aspect of my work: My writing and my tarot readings have to coexist.  

I have been writing longer than I have been doing anything else, and people have often asked me how I find time to create – especially on top of running a business.  

In all honesty, there is no “hack” or magic secret I can offer. I set my priorities and try to be realistic with myself about what is possible in a single day.  

Learning how to do that has been a process. It has taken me time to learn how to focus my energy and how to set realistic expectations upon myself.  

My natural tendency is to think I can accomplish way more in a day than is possible, and when I do that, I set myself up for failure. And that sends me into disappointment in thinking...

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Book Review: The Cards You’re Dealt by Theresa Reed

When I heard that Theresa Reed, aka The Tarot Lady, was releasing a tarot book about grief, loss, healing and other hardships, I was excited.

Finally: A resource that will help tarot readers take their skills beyond the usual Tarot 101 fare and learn how to work with common yet challenging topics.

If you have tried to learn tarot based on guidebooks alone, you might have found yourself hitting walls along the way. Standard card meanings can offer a stepping stone towards your foundation, but when it comes time to actually perform a reading and answer a querent’s specific concerns, those general meanings can fall short.

And yet so many people seek out tarot readings when they are facing challenges and looking for support.

That’s why Theresa’s work with The Cards You’re Dealt is so important: This book helps to fill a gap for tarot readers of all levels – especially those who read for other people, or who aspire to.

“Is this a good book for...

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My Best Advice on Manifesting With Tarot

The concept of manifestation bounces around in New Age circles so much that I barely notice it anymore.

I became aware of the idea of manifestation – or at least the language around it – when I was first starting out on my spiritual journey and was deep into astrology. There were a handful of astrologers whose work I followed religiously, and during certain moon phases or important transits they’d send out missives encouraging us to use these energies to “manifest” our goals.

I’m not opposed to spellwork or vision boards. I love burning intention candles and writing my own spells.

But I see these things as icing on the cake to the true magic that makes dreams manifest.

What is that magic?


Acting upon a dream will give you the best odds of it becoming a reality.

Knowing where you want to go is the first step: What is that you are aiming for?

If you can be clear on that – whether it be a new job, an artistic career, new love, or...

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What does it mean if you can’t see the future in your tarot cards?

Last week I wrote about a few pros and cons regarding predictive readings.

Whenever I talk about predictions, I get a lot of questions. It’s ironic that the mainstream of perception of tarot is that it is purely predictive, when in reality the tarot community is so diverse and diversified in how it views tarot.

And predictive readings are one example of that: Some readers love predictions, some will at least entertain them, and others stay away from them altogether.

I say this off the top in case anyone reading this isn’t resonating with predictive readings, or isn’t sure they want to go down this path.

But the aim of this week’s missive is to answer a great question that came my way, which is, “What does it mean if you can’t see the future in your tarot cards?”

What does it mean if someone asks you, “What do you see coming up for me?” and you lay down your cards and…you’re just not sure what to make of them at all?

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The Pros + Cons of Predictive Readings

This is the time of year when general, look-ahead readings become really popular. 

Everyone wants to know what’s coming up in the New Year:  

“Do you see love in my future?”  

“Do you see my changing jobs?”  

“Do you see if I will receive any unexpected opportunities?”   

Overall, these are pretty common questions that people bring to tarot readers all year round – regardless of the calendar date. But there’s something about the turning of the calendar that really ramps up these questions. 

Everyone wants something to look forward to. A New Year inspires fresh hope and optimism that a turning point is around the corner.  

And predictive readings can help to build that hope and anticipation for what’s to come.  

But there’s also something very passive about these types of questions. Predictions can keep people waiting and wondering when and how...

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Answering relationship questions with tarot cards

When I first started reading tarot for other people, I was actually surprised at how many wanted to know about love.  

I thought I would be answering different types of questions about spiritual journeys and personal transformations.  

But I quickly realized how important relationships are to people, and how much is at stake when we are talking about love, commitment, loyalty and companionship.  

Some of the hardest questions I’ve had to answer as a tarot reader had to do with relationships.  

They can be really complicated. Especially if the people involved are cycling through a range of emotions: One day they’re on, another they’re off.  

Divining a clear answer about a relationship is not always easy to pin down when the people in question can’t be pinned down in the first place.  

Another challenge can arise when clients are impatient about the answer: They feel like they’ve already been...

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Tarot, choices and the importance of free will

How are you? October was a big month for me. After the stillness of the last few years, this autumn has felt like life has really come roaring back in so many ways.

I had the opportunity to read tarot at some great Halloween parties, and also at the closing party of Likely General, a shop where I read every Sunday for two years. I loved having that residency and loved part of the community that had grown around that store.

Likely General closed its doors at the end of October, and I’m glad I could be there one last time to offer a few tarot readings as we all said goodbye to the space.

One of the things I found myself reiterating throughout my readings in October was that we have choices in life.

Whenever I read at events, I know I am going to have some nervous sitters on my hands. People are often curious about tarot. When they see a tarot reader in the corner at a party, they might decide that today’s the day they’re going to finally give tarot a try.


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When tarot reminds you to rest

I’ve been knee-deep in one-on-one readings this month and it’s been a wonderful state to be in.

Reading tarot isn’t always easy, though: It takes a lot of concentration and care. Readers see and hear a lot. We help to move energy in people’s lives. It takes a lot of time to sit with it all, but there is also great gratitude that comes with this path.

One of the things I have come to learn through my work is that tarot isn’t always pushing you towards a big change.

Often, clients come in for readings expecting to hear that something major is about to occur. Or that they have some kind of big opportunity on the horizon.

And there’s nothing wrong with wanting change, or working towards it, especially if you feel like you’re ready for a new experience in your life.

But sometimes we have to remember that things might be OK just as they are right now.

Our lives all go through different seasons. Sometimes there are seasons of change, and others of...

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How do you begin to trust your intuition as a tarot reader?

Whew! Is it just me, or is time flying by?

Sometimes I can’t believe how fast time is going. I’ve been noticing that lot of people are going through some major periods of re-evaluation in their lives.

There’s a lot of change in the air as many of us are rethinking what’s most important and looking at  what to de-prioritize in order to have more time for our families, friends, and ourselves.

Are you going through a big change right now?

When things are busy and hectic, and you’re feeling a bit (or a lot) unclear about what it’s all leading to, it can help to pull out your tarot cards and give yourself some space to reflect.

Instead of asking a predictive question, which can muddy the waters of the present even more, ask something like, “What can I do to stay true to myself right now?”

When you’re feeling pulled in a lot of different directions, it can help to come back to the here and now rather than getting lost in thoughts...

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Why standard tarot card meanings don’t always work

“What does this card mean?”

If you read tarot, chances are you’ve asked this question more than once along your path.

But one thing I’ve started to discourage tarot students from asking is that very question:

“What does this card mean?”


Because if figuring out a card meaning was the only thing standing between you and your tarot reading, you wouldn’t even have to ask that question.

Card meanings are everywhere. You can Google any tarot card and come up with all kinds of answers.

Or you can get a guidebook and look it up.

Or you can watch any number of videos on social media where people talk about their understandings of various tarot cards.

When someone asks what a card means, the problem isn’t that they can’t find that out on their own. Quite often, students who ask this question have already done their own studying. They already know something about the card they’re wondering about.

The problem is that the card...

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