Building a start-up tarot business: What to expect in your first year

tarot business Nov 18, 2016

I’ve been reading tarot since 2008, but it took me a long, long time to realize I wanted to build a tarot business.

In fact, when I first got into tarot, I never had the intention of doing this professionally. I was so focused on my writing career that I just never imagined that life might have something different in store for me.

Since going full-time with my business, I’ve had a lot of questions from other folks are curious about to expect if they do the same. Some of you may even already have taken the leap, and are wondering if you’re “where you should be” at this point.

So I’ve put together some of my key learnings here. I should note that tarot isn’t my first foray into self-employment. My first entrepreneurial plunge came as a freelance writer and journalist when I was in my twenties.

There have been parallels between the two for sure, and you might even find that the tips I share here are relevant to you even if you’re not...

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Watching for signs? Tips on working with omens

omens spiritual journey Aug 23, 2016

Do you ever ask for signs?

I sure do.

One of the most powerful omens came to me just last year.

I was doing some work with spirit guides, through a course I had purchased with a shamanic healer. A lot of the work involved meditation, and one of the first assignments was to ask your guides to confirm their presence.

After that morning’s meditation, I did my homework and put my question out there, not knowing what might come about.

Later that day, I decided to go for a walk. It was early spring, and the weather was just starting to get good after a long, hard winter.

I had no destination in mind. I ended up walking east, away from my downtown apartment towards an old residential neighbourhood. There, the streets are quiet, and some of the roads end with a great view overlooking the city.

I turned one corner after the other, simply enjoying the sun on my face. As I crossed the street, something flat and shiny caught my eye. At first, I thought it was a quarter. As I...

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Are you in the right place on your path?

spiritual journey Jul 18, 2016

Have you ever wondered if you're in the “right” place in your life?

Recently, I've had a pattern of conversations with clients who are worried they might be choosing the wrong path in life. 

They aren't in trouble. Nothing is going wrong.

But they can't help but the grass greener somewhere else? 

"What if I made a big mistake and was supposed to make different choices somewhere along the way - and now I'm missing out on this other life I could be living?" 

I've been there. I think a lot of us have. 

Because that’s the world we live in, where expectations and ambition reign. The message so many of live under is that we all need to “be” something by a certain age.

And that makes us only too aware of the passing of time, and takes away our ability to just enjoy our lives.

And of course, this pressure might never actually leave. If you let it control you, it can follow you throughout your life, leaving you always...

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What Questions Should You Ask the Tarot?

When I sit down with a client for a reading, I ask them if there's anything they want to focus on today.

“I have a question," they often say, "but I’m not sure I am supposed to say it out loud.”

There are so many strange little superstitions and misconceptions around tarot readings, and unfortunately, they can really impact the quality of your reading, and the messages you receive.

One of the muddiest areas is about what kind of questions to bring to a tarot reading. I’ve had some clients express complete surprise when I’ve asked if they would like to focus their reading on a question or a topic: “Oh! I didn’t know I was allowed to ask anything.”

Of course you can ask questions - and say them out loud.

How else is your reader going to know what you're wondering about? 

Sure, some tarot readers like to read "cold," figuring out your question on their own. But many, including myself, want to know your question off the top to get...

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